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What is the NW Regional App Challenge?

An invitation for U.S. and Canadian, 4th thru 8th grade girl teams, to design, create, and present an App with their Business Plan. Girls will network with other girls with similar interests, and participate in team-building exercises. Winning teams are awarded Scholarship prizes. The competition takes place in the Flathead Valley of MT, home of Glacier National Park.

Why have an App Challenge?

The NW Regional App Challenge gives young girls a chance to present their App in a real world environment. The NW Regional App Challenge focuses participants on a goal, teaches them time management, team building, and presentation skills, while creating the opportunity to learn Computer Science.


Who: 4th – 8 Grade girls

When: May 11 & 12, 2019

Cost: Free

App: The App can be programmed in any computer language or block code, but must be demonstrable. Judging will be based on the International Technovation Competition rubric.

Agenda for Saturday

Morning: Science fair type demonstration where each team has a table and can set up a tri-fold, bring their app demonstration device, and make their pitch to a series of judges.

Lunch: Provided with an amazing speaker, a female entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Afternoon: The girls will be split into bigger teams and participate in team-building exercises and fun, and the the Semi-finalists will be announced.

Agenda for Sunday

Morning: Semi-finalists will present to a panel of judges. The judges consist of two Venture Capitalists, Technology Company Executives, and University Professors.

After Presentations: The girls will be split into their bigger teams to design an app with guidelines (no coding, drawing designs and flow). These teams will be judged, a fun focused activity, and prizes will be awarded.

End: The top 3 places from the Semi-finalists will be announced. Prizes are team scholarships ($5000 1st, $2500 2nd, $1000 3rd) to be split between the individual teams.

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In a simulated real world environment teams will get the opportunity to:

  • Present their App and its associated benefits.
  • Focus on their goals, time managment, team building, and presentation skills.
  • Learn more about software development.

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